Red Zebra Designs sells creations that are unique, handmade and beyond ordinary. ..

I’m Robyn, and thank you for visiting.  Red Zebra Designs is one of my many ventures. I make gorgeous one-off items, and love doing custom-made. I am passionate about making things that people are passionate about.

Currently based in Brisbane, I am a self-professed ‘unfocused’ multi-disciplinary designer/ entrepreneur. I am constantly distracted by new ideas, interesting things, creative concepts, new ways of looking at problems … Oooooh look – shiny light …… With an eclectic background as an art teacher, army officer, training and business analyst, corporate manager, business consultant and artist, I like to think I have a balance of the creative and the rationale – or maybe I am kidding myself!

Right now I am now an artist, jeweller, homewares designer, milliner, dressmaker, and corporate business consultant.

You can visit  www.robynwoodrow.com for more information on my fine art and wearable art practice.

Red Zebra Designs is one creative outlet – with a current focus on the reuse of discarded objects and books, and the creation of fantasmagorical headwear. I am also a mother, cancer-survivor, previous designer of full coverage headwear for hairloss sufferers (visit www.beautifullybald.com.au), charity worker, art festival helper, gallery hand ….

Please visit my blog or Facebook page to see what I am up to.

Creatively Yours,