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Boxed Lives

After quite a hiatus of creating, I’m pleased to be back in the studio and starting a new series ‘Boxed Lives’.

They all have quite a detailed storyline, but the viewer is encouraged to make their own.

All made from recycled materials.

Red Zebra Designs’ Designer wins ‘Best in Show’ at the Ekka

2014 Ekka Winner

2014 Ekka Winner

Very excited to have won ‘Outstanding Creation’ and ‘Best Outfit’ in this year’s Brisbane Ekka.  Our designer, Robyn Woodrow, also won four awards in the Creative section of the Ekka.  Pop across to or our Facebook page to see more.

‘Little Creatures’ Series has Taken Flight

IMG_3735 IMG_3892

Have just finished the first two birds in my Little Creatures Series.

They have taken about 40 hours each, and are covered in new and recycled jewellery bits and bobs, crystals, bugle and seed beads …  Little Owl has already sold.

These are such precious pieces and have been a joy to make.

Launch of New Website for my Fine Art

robyn woodrow artist

robyn woodrow artist

I’d like to think that everything I do contains a strong creative element, and the line between art/ craft and design are often blurred (an admirable trait I believe!).

It has taken many years for me to regard myself as an ‘artist’ as well as designer, and I have decided to highlight this component.  As such, I have just launched with a focus on my fine art practice.  All items here are one-off pieces – and some commission items are also available.

Please pop over and have a look.


Finalist in Eumundi Wearable Art Competition

Red Zebra Designs Australian Garden Dress made it to the finals of the Australian Body Art Festival Wearable Art Competition.

The theme was ‘the best of Oz’.  This Australian Garden Dress is created from 100s of handcut pages from discarded books and magazines.  Over two kilometres of paper loops cut from pages of unwanted Australian Encyclopedias sit firmly on a base made from a recycled wedding dress.   The loops – soft and delicate, but strong and resilient – reflect the Australian wild grasses.   As the dress moves with the wearer, the grasses are designed to sway, as if in a gentle breeze.

On the dry, soft grassy bed, bright native Australian plants, including the state emblems, lay.  These have been folded from carefully colour-selected pages of magazines, assembled from recycled fabrics and leathers, rescued and dried from the bush, and recycled from old flower arrangements.

The dress was modelled by Briony Weddell.

eumunid 1 AWatson_130511_8573Red Zebra Designs at Eumundi briony



Prize Winner in Hattalk Recycled Hat Competition

I just won second prize in the Hatalk International Recycled Hat competition from 132 finalists from around the world.

I won a bunch of millinery-related prizes, and my hat goes over to Hat Works in Stockport, the UK’s only museum dedicated to the hatting industry, hats and headwear. The hats will be shown alongside other upcyled pieces which are part of Hat Works’ current installment, Redesigning Fashion – How to Change the World in Style. This exhibition explores sustainable fashion millinery and includes pieces by well known milliners such as Little Shilpa and Jane Fryers.

Red Zebra Designs Bloom Hathatalk article spring