My Virginal Post (Sounds Awkward!!)

Welcome to the first blog post from me, Robyn, the voice behind Red Zebra Designs.

As I am a virgin blogger, this is a little awkward, a tad uncomfortable, and I feel very vulnerable and exposed.  I’m sure in hindsight, I will look back with some embarrassment, but with a warm glow of ‘growing up’.   I trust that you will excuse any awkwardness, clumsiness, or inappropriate sharing as I strive to find what you want.  Please be gentle, but let’s not hold back on getting excited.

It’s probably appropriate that I properly introduce myself as we may have only just met.  Please visit (link to about us page) to find a bit more about me, my interests, my style and … well … more

Please join me on this blogging journey – I’d really appreciate your company.  Hopefully I can introduce you to some great products, provide engaging entertainment and inspiration, and offer some relief from the occasional banality of life; and I’m sure you can provide me with the same.   Please subscribe to my blog and let’s see where the Red Zebra goes!

I’d also love to hear about your ‘first time’ experiences (within PG limits of course!).

One Response to “My Virginal Post (Sounds Awkward!!)”

  1. Lynne Coughlan September 9, 2013 at 9:50 am #

    Loved the article in U on Sunday, love to know more about your creations, do you do classes.
    Great to see someone making beautiful things and at the same time using as you said “things that people think have no value anymore”
    Regards Lynne

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