‘Remembrance’ headpiece for International Millinery Competition

This year I again entered the Hatalk Millinery Competition.  The theme was ‘Remembrance’.

Below is the explanation of the piece.  No prize, but a great experience.Robyn Woodrow 1

I believe in telling stories through creativity, and this headpiece ‘Lest We Forget’ is a narrative of the events, specific and generic, we recall on Remembrance Day.  Each visual element inputs to the narrative. The story is one of gallantry, sacrifice and remembrance.  The rolling curves of wire signify the coiled rolls of barbed wire used as defence in the trenches.  The shiny green fabric ‘swatch’ references the gently undulating, sunshine soaked green of the pre-battle fields. Underneath the green is the red leather signifying the blood subsequently spilt. The myriad of black bead embellishments making their way up the green of the battlefield represent the many soldiers – uniform, polished and marching to battle. As the soldiers make their way across the battlefield, the number with life become fewer and are slowly replaced by the white crosses signifying those who are lost.Off the edge of the green battlefield are the poppies – a well-recognised sign of remembering those lost. They grow strong and large through the barbed wire of battles past.  We will remember them.  The black feathers amongst the poppies are reminiscent of the feathers in the uniform hats of Australian Mounted Infantry, particularly significant in the Australian tradition of Remembrance.  While interpreting the theme ‘Remembering’ and telling a story, it is important that ‘Lest We Forget’ is a millinery piece of visual beauty in its own right. It is designed to be seen from any angle, with a different view presented with every turn of the head.

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